The Epidemic At Hand

Smart, ambitious, valuable minds are being left behind for no reason other than their heritage.

  • Educational opportunities are one thing, but supporting students on their journey into the workforce is a process all on its own. Depending on their circumstances, securing impactful work can be near impossible and in turn, deters a desire for education, to begin with.
  • Access to quality education that is applicable to a wide range of global work opportunities is scarce in low-income regions. Yet, where there is access, there are economic and social barriers to utilizing these resources.
  • Investing in one student at a time, with no supplemental resources geared towards the community, will pose an uphill battle for future generations. It takes a village to help a village.

Our Unique Approach

No-Tolerance Policy on Border Exclusion
No matter their region, creed, color or class, we work to give every inspired individual the opportunities and support they need to uplift themselves and their communities out of the cyclic poverty plaguing underdeveloped countries.
Built Around a Meritocracy
We are not in the business of giving hand-outs; but rather, hand-holding students throughout the grueling path of earning a place in developed societies. By providing world-class education and career opportunities to our students, graduates are fully equipped to not only sustain their success but to provide the same support to future candidates and their respective communities.
Playing the Long-Game
Rather than retain focus solely on the individuals in our program, our true vision lies in reducing (and hopefully eradicating) the overwhelming impact of being born into the “wrong” country. Our intentional exposure to perspectives of developed societies encourages graduates to emulate these behaviors in their home region, influencing a continuous cycle of positive growth.

Merezco In a Nutshell

We Are…

Inherent to the personal nature of our program, we are genuinely interested in seeing our students reach success first-hand. We care about our partners, perceive the impact of the challenges our students face and offer our time and resources to create lasting impact in the communities we meet.
We are dreamers with a plan. Recognizing that our mission is a world-changing charge, we overcome each hurdle with an informed understanding of what we are facing to ensure that the good is just that—good. Every step we take has an intentional, sensible purpose.
In order to deliver a sustainable education that can compete in the international job market, we work to complement our student’s experiences and refocus their mindset on generational success. This level of accomplishment is not obtained without absolute dedication, consistent execution, and unshakable perseverance.
Changing the world is no small feat, and it definitely isn’t something we can do alone. In line with our intention to put opportunity in everyone’s hands, we are calling for as many valuable partnerships as possible, with the mission to elevate these communities alongside the Merezco team.

We Offer…

Comprehensive Support: By walking each student through the process of earning admission to world-class universities around the world, we are removing the most paralyzing hurdles that accompany the foreign student exchange process. This calculated assistance empowers students to believe in their potential and to realize their capabilities. Additionally, the simultaneous exposure to a developed society serves to influence their perspective and contribution to a trusting community.

Work Entrance Opportunities: Once equipped with all the necessary knowledge and working skills, our students are guided through the process of earning a position within our network of Employer Partners. From applications and interviews to establishing positive relationships with employers and beyond, the Career Entrance Phase provides graduates with a tangible connection to utilizing and further developing the skills obtained in their time with Merezco.

Long-Term Growth Plans: Rather than churn out as many students as possible and then leave them to their own devices, our program makes intentional investments into developing the societal standards of their home regions. Once placed into a working opportunity, graduates commit to providing similar support and sponsorship of future Merezco candidates, thus emphasizing the importance of developing trust with their own communities and sharing the success so that others are inclined to reach for more.