Our Promise for Inclusion, Empowerment, & Sustainable Impact

In the true spirit of our founding name, Merezco’s mission is to provide an opportunity to every living being around the world, simply because we all deserve a chance regardless of our class, creed, color, gender, or heritage.

Education and the opportunity to join developed, trust-based societies as contributing members of the community is a right that everyone should be entitled to in this age of relentless technological expansion.

We believe in the extraordinary potential of a globally-integrated society. When exposed to one another, we can disseminate invaluable insights, vision, and cultural traditions amongst regions, furthering our collective progression towards a newly allied generation of people. Even better than the bounds of connectivity achieved by the Internet itself, if we may say so ourselves. To see this to fruition, it is vital that our contributions must be available to all regions with no regard for borders.

To accomplish this grand mission, we must admit it would be impossible to realize our motivations alone—no matter how driven we may be. Rather, the key to materializing this global equity across educational, vocational, and societal standards is in supporting the students that are driven to more than their own success.

Operating within a meritocracy, and instilling a commitment from Alumni to invest in future applicants, we do not just hand out success. In other words, we aren’t giving anyone a fish; we are training dedicated fishermen and women to chase and obtain their success. It is with the intention of utilizing their knowledge and skills to boost their home regions along with them. The impact made on a single student is further used to ignite sustainable growth for surrounding individuals.