Equal Opportunities should not have Borders

Equal Opportunities should not have Borders

Merezco provides brilliant and deserving students from underprivileged regions with the support and resources they need to attend reputable educational institutions around the globe. This will equip them with skills and competencies to establish and sustain their careers in top-tier multinational companies as proficient interns and eventually as accomplished professionals.

Merezco is the igniting force that will uplift entire communities from poverty, one student at a time.

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Meritocracy Makes
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Merezco strives to reward hard-working and highly-capable youths because they will take any opportunity and run with it. They have the talent and the potential to learn, grow and impact their communities the most.

  • Australia is one of Merezco’s pioneer destinations. With programs in agriculture, business, and mining, students can excel in careers that will benefit their communities and home countries. Universities in Australia have vast experience hosting international students, with over 25% of their student body coming from abroad. International students can also make the most of part-time job opportunities made available by Merezco partners near the campuses.

Hopeful Applicants

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The Chain Reaction of Success

We prioritize sustainable empowerment — ensuring graduates can walk confidently amongst the global workforce while honoring the commitment to uplift others in the same way Merezco supported their success.

We help them see the bigger picture by exposing them to developed, trust-based societies and letting them experience the impact of such living standards. They will also be introduced to tools that will help them maintain connections and investments in their hometowns.

We are simultaneously helping individuals escape poverty and uplift their underdeveloped communities to halt the steady flow of wasted minds around the world.

Merezco’s Impact

Merezco seeks to elevate the standards of living, education and health of disadvantaged communities by providing better access to global education and work programs.

From the students in Perú, the goal is to change the lives of more youths in other developing countries.

Our Internship Partners

Merezco believes in creating equal opportunities; students from developing countries will be given a fair chance to vie for the same opportunities as students from more privileged countries. Currently, we are focusing on talented and capable students from Perú.

We offer internship with Equifax for business and accounting mayors.
We Offer Internship to qualified software engineers with caliber.
Coles Supermarket
Coles Supermarket
We are Looking for Interns interested in food and supply chain industries.

Our Hope for the Future

For Students: To create a new standard for equal opportunities in educational and vocational positions that will be recognized in all corners of the globe. Barriers to entering a high-level workforce will never again consist of innate environmental or economic circumstances.

For Employers:To identify the ambitious and motivated nature of a student working to find their way out of poverty. This determination and passion should be emphasized as crucial and invaluable to visionary corporations, in contrast to the casual attitude of privileged applicants.

For Communities: To maintain sustainability which is the key to our operations. This impacts our decision to prioritize a community’s need for lasting and growing access to high-level opportunities.
With enough investment, formerly underserved regions will become capable of serving themselves the life they deserve.

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